Pickaway County Sportsmen, Inc.

On Target For All

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How to Join


Benefits: The members of Pickaway County Sportsmen, Inc. ("PCSI") enjoy many privileges.  The club grounds are open to members every day of the year.  Shooting ranges are most always available.  In addition to shooting for fun and practice PCSI also has many organized shoots for members to participate in.  Included in your membership is fishing, camping and archery. 

The club is a not-for-profit organization that hosts monthly meetings for members and an annual banquet.  Whether you are an avid outdoorsman (or woman) looking for the right club or a beginner looking to learn about the shooting sports, Pickaway County Sportsmen, Inc. is the club for you.

If you have any question on the membership process please contact our Membership Coordinator, Rich Hixon, at (740)248-6547.

Cost: Your first year membership is $150 and will expire at the end of the current year.  Membership renewals for following years are $150, discounted to $50 for those members that take an active part in helping PCSI grow by obtaining 100+ work points.


Steps to becoming a member of PCSI:  

1) Complete a sponsorship form (new members must be sponsored by a current member).  If you don't know a current member, just attend any of our public events, such as a work party or shooting division.  You should have no trouble getting a sponsor once you demonstrate your willingness to get involved.

2) New members will be accepted at safety meetings from March 1st until we reach our membership cap.  These meetings will be posted on our main web page.

Pay your first year's dues and you will become a bona fide PCSI member right then and there!

NOTICE: Starting January 1st, 2011 all new memberships and renewals must also be NRA members. We will be offering NRA memberships at a discounted rate if you signup/renew at the same time as you pay your PCSI dues.