Pickaway County Sportsmen, Inc.

On Target For All

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Upcoming Renewal Meetings

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Several membership renewal safety meetings have been scheduled. As a reminder, until March 1 only current membes may renew. After March 1 new members may apply for membership.

Renewal meetings will be held:

- 2/18 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House

- 2/24 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House (this will be the final renewal meeting)

A new member meeting will be held:

- 3/18 at 1pm at the PCSI Club House

Last Updated on Saturday, 17 February 2018 18:58

2018 PCSI Schedule

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Here is the latest schedule, updated 2/21/2018 (available as either a PDF or Excel file)

Download this file (pcsi schedule 8.pdf)pcsi schedule 8.pdf[ ]68 Kb21/02/18 21:55
Download this file (pcsi schedule 8.xls)pcsi schedule 8.xls[ ]55 Kb21/02/18 21:55
Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 February 2018 21:56

Upcoming Work Parties

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A work party is scheduled for March 24 (starting at 8am).

Are you looking to earn work points and help maintain our facility?  You can lead a work party to address any of these ongoing maintenance needs.  Schedule your work party by getting in touch with Michael Blumberg.  A current listing of maintenance needs is attached.

Download this file (pcsi maintenance list 7.xls)pcsi maintenance list 7.xls[ ]28 Kb08/07/17 21:38
Last Updated on Saturday, 17 February 2018 18:59

2018 Special Events

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2018 Special Events – Free to the Public

  • Please review the attached PDFs for more information on upcoming free events!
Download this file (2018 Youth Intro to Archery Flyer.pdf)2018 Youth Intro to Archery Flyer.pdf[ ]255 Kb17/02/18 19:30
Download this file (2018 Youth Steel Challenge Flyer.pdf)2018 Youth Steel Challenge Flyer.pdf[ ]250 Kb17/02/18 19:30
Last Updated on Saturday, 17 February 2018 19:28